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Cabot is a leading global producer of carbon blacks and offers specialty chemicals and performance materials such as BLACK PEARLS®, ELFTEX®, VULCAN®, MOGUL®, MONARCH®, EMPEROR® and REGAL® carbon blacks. Cabot´s carbon blacks deliver color, conductivity and ultraviolet (UV) protection for specialty applications such as coatings, plastics, toners and printing inks. Their specialty carbon blacks are used as pigmenting, UV stabilizing and conductive agents in a variety of common and specialty products, including: Plastics:  Cabot´s carbon blacks are widely used in applications such as conductive packaging, film and sheet, fibers,     moldings, pipes and semi-conductive cables. Printing & packaging: Cabot´s carbon blacks enhance formulations and deliver broad flexibility in meeting specific    color requirements for toners and printing inks. Coatings: Cabot´s carbon blacks provide pigmentation, conductivity and UV protection for a variety of coating       applications, including automotive, industrial and architectural. Click to visit our partners website.
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