DOLFYNOX 5000 DOLFYNOX 5000 is an anionic surfactant based on a phosphate ester, a mixture of esters of phosphoric acid and ethoxylated oleyl alcohol. It is a phosphate ester in the free acid form and may be neutralized with a number of bases. This product shows good emusifying and dispersing properties and also good acid, alkali and electrolyte stability. The product is used as an o/w emulsifier for oils and resins with a HLB-value in a range from 6 to 8 and as a dispersing agent for inorganic pigments and fillers in aqueous systems. Features: - Good emusifying properties - Good dispersing properties - Good acid, alkali and electrolyte stability  - Non-neutralized - APEO & VOC free For more technical information please contact our sales team
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