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DO-IT Colorants are aldehyde resin based colorants for use in industrial and decorative solvent-based coatings. The colorants can be added to a transparent solvent-based base paint and are compatible with short, medium and long oil alky resins, one and two component polyurethane, epoxy and acrylic resins. Within our DO-IT Colrants range we also have lead-free colorants and aluminium leafing & non-leafing pastes. Features: - Maximum tinting strength and full chroma - Stable and free-flowing - Compatible with most solvent-based binders - Suitable for one and two component systems - Volumetric and gravimetric dispensing and tinting possibilities - No negative effects on gloss, drying time and coating properties - Full color mixing system: RAL, NCS and customer specific For a complete overview of our DO-IT Colorants and/or more technical information please contact our sales team.
DO-IT Colorants
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